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Ky and I went to our first nose work class in 2016.  We do pretty much everything together and he loves hiking and playing with his friends, but he has some previous leg surgeries and when he plays or hikes too much, he would be in discomfort for a few days.  I wanted something else I could do with him that he would enjoy without consequences.  Nose work was it.  It took us a little while before it all “clicked” for him and now he loves it and I am hooked! We took our ORT (Odor Recognition Test) outside of Dallas, and passed all three (Birch, Anise, Clove).  We went to our first trial in Alabama, did not title ☹.  Since then, we have been to Colorado, Missouri and Oklahoma and have titled multiple times.

Nose work has been an amazing bonding experience for us.  It is different from a lot of dog sports because it is his game to teach me and to lead, I just follow and trust him. The handler has very few responsibilities in nose work: support, trust and get out of the way.

We are happy we found something we can do forever, even after he retires from competing. Allowing Ky to use his instinct to hunt and watching him solve complex problems is amazing to see.

In 2018 I decided to become a certified nose work instructor and I hope to spread this joyous sport to as many dogs and handlers as we can, even if they never compete. 


Karin Jared & Ky

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