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Game of Bones - Competitors Choice


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Game of Bones - Competitors Choice
Game of Bones - Competitors Choice

Time & Location

Apr 10, 2021, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Hammerlun Center for Leadership and Lear, 507 E University Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626

About the event


When you play the GAME OF BONES, you win come back next time to try again!  Don't miss out on this month's edition where you can get paid to spend time with your dog.

In April, you choose how many hides are in the search area and where to place them!  There will be 1 very large search area. Your judges will place only 1 hide (unknown location).  As you arrive, you will be given a choice:  1) add a hide to the search area in a location of your choosing OR 2) return to the parking lot with a devious smile on your face (because you did not place a hide).

Each team will run the search 2 times. 1st time - you will know a range of hides (1 to however many people are competing plus you know if you set a hide ).  2nd time - you will know the exact number of hides.  If more than 1 hide is placed in the same location, you will earn multiple points for calling a single alert.  If you place a hide yourself, your dog must alert on it to earn the points (simply walking to the area and calling alert will not get you points).  Hides found in the first round will not earn any additional points in the 2nd round.

FEO dogs are allowed and YES competitors with multiple dogs will have the advantage in the 2nd round if their FEO dog finds different hides.  Want to "borrow" an FEO dog?  For $5 you can ask Kona or Ky to be your FEO dog for the day.  You will be allowed to watch one (or both) run the search area before you run in the 2nd round - there is no guarantee that they will find any additional hides!

Quarterly Scent Work League: Every 3 months, the top scoring Level 1 dog and the top scoring Level 2 dog from all 3 events will receive a $50 cash prize.  Each event has 100 points (300 points total for the quarter). Points are earned by correctly calling hides in each search area. 5 points will be deducted for each false alert by you and each elimination by your dog. The more events you participate in, the better your odds are of being crowned top dog! Scent Work Standings will be posted on the Game of Bones’ Facebook page so you can keep track of the results.

Game of Bones features:

• 2 levels of competition.

• Level 1 - For dogs who are on odor working at NW2/Intermediate level (or below).

• Level 2 - For dogs who are on odor working at NW3/Advanced level (or above).

• Searches can be any element or combination of elements.

• No dismissals or disqualifications – Unlimited false alerts and your dog can eliminate in the search area, but it will cost you 5 points for each occurrence.

• 2nd/3rd/4th dogs may run FEO.

COST: $30 per dog

$15 per dog for additional dogs entering FEO ("for exhibition only")

$5 each for Kona and/or Ky to run as your FEO dog


There is no bathroom access at this site. There are several gas stations on the drive in and a convenience store 1 block away if needed.

• Entries limited to 40 runs.

• Payment via PayPal link after you register is required to hold your place at this event.

Have questions?  Contact Carrie Smith at


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