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Nose work helps your dog relax. Blood flow to certain areas of the brain increases when your dog is sniffing really hard, and this can help calm your dog down.

Nose work teaches your dog how to problem solve. Nose work allows your dog to use his nose to solve problems to find food. 

Nose work helps your dog gain confidence and independence. Learning a new thing is incredibly powerful for boosting confidence. A confident, independent dog is less fearful.

Nose work is exhausting. Rather than amping up a high energy, hyperactive dog with more exercise, play nose work. Problem-solving is mentally draining, like algebra. Makes my brain hurt. Dogs sleep like puppies after playing a few rounds.

All dogs can do nose work. Even if your dog is blind, deaf, three-legged, or all three, they can do nose work. This is great for older dogs, or shy dogs. Aggressive dogs can also get great exercise without putting others at risk!

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Introduction to Nose Work is the first step. In this class we will introduce you and your dog to the game and work to develop independence and desire in the search.

Introduction to Odor gets teams started searching for target odors. Odor importance is built and reinforced. Teams learn foundation skills.

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